Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Luncheon

A few Saturdays ago these lovely ladies came over to our house for an incredibly delightful spring luncheon! I was planning to have an outdoor Picnic luncheon, but we ended up having it inside because it was raining.

I had so much fun with the bright blue and orange theme! Initially I thought about doing purple, but decided to get out of my rut and have fun with something new!

Pea Pickin' Cake! My favorite!
Our table was full after everyone brought a dish!

This really was the first "grown-up girl" party I've ever planned, so I enjoyed it immensely! These girls are becoming fast-friends! After learning to enjoy being in a male-dominated youth group for several years, it's nice to have some girl company for a change! We all jumped at the chance to play Pictionary together-something that does not happen when we're with our guy-friends. =) (Only one of the girls in the picture above is actually in our youth group, leaving us with not enough players for a game of pictionary on a regular occasion.) Lots of good memories made here. =)
We also played "Take-One", a version of Scrabble, and also a game that our male counter-parts generally refuse to play. =)

The afternoon ended too quickly and I'm looking forward to getting together with these girls again!


  1. The food looks very good! I think the guys could expand their horizons to enjoy these games, Chancy would have a rough time with take one though... I don't think spelling is a strong point.


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