Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sewing

While watching Pride and Prejudice I was inspired by the lovely gowns, and made a hasty decision to make a gown for Easter. And by hasty, I mean hasty. I watched the movie, went on a short walk, got my sisters in the car and went fabric shopping. I tend to lose my nerve with things that involve sewing. =) So in two weeks I put together this dress for Easter, with help from my Mom. Note to self: Make hasty decisions only when you will have plenty of time to carry them out. Staying up late Saturday night was not on the agenda.

 Finally finished late Saturday night, and ready for morning...
 Since it's Easter and I had a new dress and i was turning 18 this week! today actually! =]] we obviously had to have a photo shoot! (Compliments of my obliging sister Melody.)
 And some quite typical me...without the really weird shots taken right before and after these. Trust me, you'd be scarred.


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