Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simple Things from March

A couple snapshots from a lovely walk at twilight...

 And this is what happens when my book shelf falls down and I attempt to put all the books back on and reorganize. I always seem to get...distracted. =)

 And this is why the bookshelf falls down. This is it, half full.

 I found this classic at the local thift store...for 10 cents! I was so excited! Our family listened to the story of Wee Sir Gibbie(The Baronet's Song) several years ago and we all loved it.
My reading/to read/toreadagainandagain spot.

And the bookshelf full, with space borrowed from melody's school shelf below. Now if I would just have time to read all of these. =)


  1. You know, you should start reviewing books!

    I always get side tracked when I rearrange books...takes me all day. lol.

  2. The problem is Ashley...if I would review books, there would be less time to read them! =D

  3. =D I can soooo relate. And it looks like "Do Hard Things" was the source of your distraction! chuckle


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