Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Month, One Hundred Gifts--September

I've been blessed by Ann Voskamp's quiet thoughts of blessing and gratitude at her blog,, and have decided to start my own list of One Thousand Gifts, little gifts from God for which I am grateful. I began this list on August 30th and it worked out almost perfectly to 100 gifts in this month. I thought this would be a nice habit to keep going--One Month, One Hundred Gifts. It was a blessing to read back over these as I typed them in, remembering God's goodness. So here you have, to rejoice with me, One Hundred Gifts.
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Phil.4:4
  1. Healing in my body—energy!
  2. Fresh smelling crisp laundry
  3. Possessions to give away
  4. Listening to my best friend plead with God for the soul of another friend
  5. Hearing the littlest boy pray for Cody and Nepal so grown-up like
  6. Puppy dog kisses
  7. Hearing them cheer me on when they knew I was trying hard
9. Refreshing sleep
10. The pink in the sky
11. Dancing in the rain
12. Running a quarter mile
14. Her excitement over losing 20 lbs
15. Hard times at work
16. Investigating the Word together
17. Discipline
18. Time to get everything done
19. Star gazing
20. The smell of fresh bread
21. Grace
22. Promises that I will find when I seek
23. “Tansha!!”
24. Marjorie’s cheerful smile
25. Hugs at the table
26. Child training ideas
27. Their patience with me
28. Lessons children teach
29. Breaking free from my addiction
30. Rodeo sounds
31. The freedom to live as God directs
32. The security of God planning and shaping my days
33. The safety of a friend whom I can tell my hardest struggles, and know that they will still love me, pray for me, and protect my heart.
34. Raindrops
35. Tea in polka dots
37. Butterfly kisses and Eskimo hugs
39. Squeals of delight in a ball game
40. Friends showing up unannounced
41. Swinging in the moonlight
42. Seeing my breath in the air
43. Ball games
44. Wanted ads
45. An extra day at home
46. Sore throat
47. My failures
48. Death
49. Promise of the Spirit
50. Runny nose
51. Talk with Mom
52. Surprise smiles
53. Pink sunshine and lemonade
54. Heroes
55. Singing on the bus
56. Getting dumped
57. A break from work and stress
58. Quiet campfire conversations
59. Peace like a river
61. Change
62. Possibilities
63. Brother-friends
64. Best friends
65. Mommy hugs
66. Grouchy people
67. Messy rooms
68. Sock feet and squeaky floors, bare feet and stars
69. Picture perfect moments
70. A new friend
71. Sanctuary
72. Towels on the line
73. Pictures of me and the littlest boy
74. Curls in their hair
75. Wood stacked for winter
76. Being together with a little boy
77. Late night frustrations
78. Cold toes
79. A new morning
80. A sister’s growth
81. Hard choices
82. Impossibilities
83. Froggies and raindrops
84. Stillness
85. Desperation for the Spirit
86. Promises of perfect peace
87. A soul that is alive
88. A good night’s sleep
89. Contentment
90. Each breath
91. Lessons
92. Fall colors and falling leaves
93. Loss of control
94. Weakness
95. Autumn smells
96. Crickets
97. Joy in His presence
98. Pain in my shoulders
99. Kittens and boots
100. Dissapointment

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  1. What an encouraging list to read--I'm grateful you shared!


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