Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm very happy because this book is on it's way to my mailbox, courtesy of two Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! This is how it works--you use swagbucks as your main search engine(it works just as well as google, yahoo, or anything else), and you accumulate swagbucks just for searching! You then redeem your
swagbucks for prizes or for gift cards! We've gotten a number of amazon gift cards simply just by using the search engine! There is a special promotion right now that earned me two amazon gift cards--a $10 value! I simply signed up for the free trial of Netflix, as promoted though swagbucks, and presto! Gift cards! After a week I canceled the trial, but I still have the swagbucks. If you're considering signing up for swagbucks after you've read this raving review, would you consider using one of my links to sign up so that they know I referred you? I would be delighted. =) You can go here:

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