Saturday, January 22, 2011

Make My Home a Sanctuary: Shine Your Sink!

These posts are going to be in no order whatsoever. So don't think that I think making your home a sanctuary is more important than making your heart a sanctuary. It's not, it's just easier. =)
 And single gals (Like me!!=), this is most assuredly for you. NOW is when you need to be taking charge of the atmosphere of your home and learning to make it a sanctuary. You'll be amazed what a difference you can make in your home's atmosphere even if you are not the main caretaker and you have five littles running around like a whirlwind after you. =) My Mom works a couple days a week and has plenty to do when she is home, so I get plenty of practice! I really have fun on the day that she is at work and I'm not. It's a great feeling to have my home to take care of all by myself, and to get to see how I can make it a sanctuary.

That said, one thing that I've found makes a HUGE difference in my home is simply shining my sink! Any of you that read FLYlady know about this great trick!

The FIRST and FOREMOST thing to remember when shining your sink is that you must wash all your dirty dishes and put them all away first. Also clear the clutter off your counters. If you do this every day(or, better yet, after or before every meal) it won't take long.

The first time you shine your sink there are a few extra steps.

1. First of all, fill your sink full of hot water and add bleach. Let it sit for one hour. If you have a bleach spray cleaner(Like Clorox), you can skip this step. Rinse!

2. Using baking soda, scrub your sink! Get a scratchy and a toothbrush and get in the cracks. If you skipped the first step, then after you think you have it clean, spray bleach all over and do it again!  It will be SO MUCH FUN,  I promise! Scrub in your drain and around your handle, on your handle, around the outside edges of your sink. Until I did this, I never realized how much of my sink wasn't supposed to be that brown color! =D

3. RINSE! Do not let any bleach remain! You're going to use Windex in the next step, and if it combines with the bleach you will have a nasty headache!

4. This is the step that you do every night(Or every meal!). After rinsing your sink out, dry it out with a rag or dish towel. Then grab a paper towel and some Windex. Squirt Windex all over and clean the sink like you would a window. You will  be so surprised!! I read what FLYlady said about this and didn't believe that I really would be able to see my reflection, but if you have a stainless steel sink(Like me!) you really will!

Doesn't it look so nice??
See it sparkle?? See it shine??!

Now, the reason that this makes such a difference is because it cleans your kitchen! Really! Once you do it the first time you will be addicted to it! (Really!) So then your cupboards are clean, your dishes are clean and put away, and your sink sparkles! What an amazing feeling! This adds a lot to the feel of our home because the kitchen is the first room of the house and the hub of activity. If the kitchen is a mess, no Sanctuary!

All that said, I'm noticing a drainer piled full, so I better get it unfull and get my sink shined! =)


  1. I love flylady!! And I totally agree! A clean kitchen sink changes a whole lot!!

  2. She's my new favorite coach! =)

  3. Thanks for sharing your technique! I am very particular on how my sink looks like and how clean it is. I use baking soda to whiten my sink it every time I get the chance, and the results are good. I also use bleach with a little bit of dishwashing soap to have a good smelling sink. I will definitely do this next time.

    Kurt Verdejo


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