Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple Jelly and Aloe Vera

 I was excited to venture the first time into making apple jelly. I've never canned without Mom before, so I wasn't sure how it would go, but so far it seems like it turned out good!

 Faith and Caleb dutifully stirred, and stirred, and stirred for me!
The finished product cooling! I was hoping it would set quickly so that we could have some on our bread for a tea party that we're having, but so far that hasn't happened. I'm hoping that doesn't mean it won't set period. =S

Unfortunately, our canning experience was not without incident. Any of you that have ever done anything with cooking apples know how hot apples(or apple juice) can be! I missed the jar and scalded my thumb with some nearly-boiling jelly. It provided a great opportunity to show the kids how to treat a burn with Aloe Vera. I split a leaf open and wrapped it on with a strip of cloth(we're out of gauze) and some bandage tape. Amazingly, it stopped hurting as soon as the cooling gel was on my skin! It's been a while now, so I think I'll take the wrap off soon.

All in all, a very good experience!

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