Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The other side of the world.... only as far away as you let it be. I'm not really sure what that means, but it sounded like a good opening line. =) I've been in India for two weeks today and it's becoming more like home every day. I love India and I love my family here and I love every minute of knowing I'm right where God wants me!

We're beginning to get a nice routine with school, which I'm also loving. In fractions and spelling and algebra and grading and planning I'm finding a whole new niche for myself that I'm fitting into and thoroughly enjoying.(Okay, except for the red marks that I have to make and the times that I'm just as stumped with Algebra 2 as my student.) In between helping my pupils and working in the planning and grading books I have nice chunks of time to spend doing things like this(keeping in touch with my home people), finding fun things for us to do, and studying the Word. I've had some fun challenges figuring out how to help Sonya(my 10th grader) study for her many quizzes and tests with the huge amount of material that they cover, and planning history lessons on India for Judson, my 4th grader. 

Becca's family is here right now, so we're also doing fun things with them. Tomorrow we're planning on going to the zoo and meeting up with the kids from the slum school who are also going there for a field trip. 

Living in India and having extra time to think and study is giving me lots of thoughts about life and how I should live it. Lots of things to sort out in my mind and my life. Oh, to be like Thee!

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