Thursday, November 1, 2012

Memories of Grace

I spent a while this morning digging through boxes from our recent move to find my last journal, a beautiful book published by Ellie Claire that my best friend gave me for my 17th birthday. It's such a special book, because it tells the story of so many blessings and struggles, graces and lessons, gifts and tears. I wanted to read what I had written a year ago, when I went through a particularly painful time. I read the words and remembered the tears that had fallen while I wrote. And the sweet thing is knowing the joy that came in the morning, that faithfulness that God proved to me, the assurance that He was enough for me, the healing of my broken heart, and the fresh look on life. He is so good. It was a good reminder to me to continue journaling His faithfulness so I can look back and not forget. I don't want to forget the grace, the goodness, the day by day filling of my soul's deepest needs.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I agree, it's so wonderful to look back and see how the Lord's grace and goodness carry us through difficult times (and frequently even end up turning them in to blessings!).

    And I'm behind on reading your blog, but excited and prayerful for you as you begin your adventure in India!


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