Thursday, September 27, 2012

Letters Home: Sunday

This is the second in a series on my trip to India. Read the first letter here.

Dear friend,
After a long exhausting trip we arrived in Hyderabad at 7:30 yesterday morning. We were so tired it felt like it was night. I took a nap in the morning and afternoon and we all just relaxed all day.

We had so much fun giving the Gunti's our suitcases full of groceries and things for Good Life! They were so delighted, and barely had room for it all!

After going to bed around 10 last night I woke up at 6 when the power went off and the fan and ac stopped covering the sounds of mosquitoes and people talking and horns blowing and that pet dove who's neck I'm gonna wring one of these days.
     Church started at 11, so we sat around the Gunti's living room singing till noon and got there at 1. Oh, and we were on  time. We drove on red dirt back roads to a little village where a group of 30 or 40 men and women plus children sat on a rug under a fabric canopy singing. There were chickens and cows right outside and children running all over barefooted and by themselves. The people loved Jesus so much. The children jumped and sang and the parents bowed on their faces and prayed. Sam gave one of the guys on our team about 15 minutes notice before we left that he wanted him to teach Sunday School with one of the flannel graph stories we brought over. He did great and it was great fun watching the kids interact with the story. Around the adge of the church fabric was tied to make walls. Near where I was sitting in the back there was a hole torn in the fabric and a crack between two sticks. Some children kept peeking in the hole and listening and giggling. I watched them through my hole and just about burst out laughing when one of them reached in to poke my arm and then ran off giggling with his little friends. White people are kind of a novelty. We ate lunch in the village(around 3=) and then headed home.

Jess, Rachel, and I in our Sunday punjabis.

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  1. I'm enjoying these and look forward to hearing more about your trip!


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