Monday, November 7, 2011

One Month, One Hundred Gifts-October

 October was a month of many events and changes for me. At the end of September I was laid off my job, due to the store being sold. God did an amazing thing through that and gave me the best job I could ask for! I'm enjoying every day of work as the housekeeper and cook for a single mom and nanny for her two little boys (1yr and new born)! I also spent a week in Florida for the celebration of my Grandparent's 50th anniversary. During all this...I felt like an incredible failure. I felt so weak and helpless. Everything I tried to do seemed to turn back on me. But God. I love those words. But God. And His, what can I say? (Hopefully more on this soon in a post on Grace For the Good Girl.)
You turned my wailing into dancing; 
   you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, 

that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. 
   O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever!
Psalm 30:11&12

101. 10 Hours of Sleep
102. A Happy Heart
103. Sunrise and Smiles
104. Sipping cider with my baby
105. Perpetual smiles and good mood songs
106. Thirst
107. The Counselor
108. Getting to say goodbye to Mr. Hunt
110. Assurance
112. Anticipated Job Interview
113. Messed up lives
114. Strength in weakness
115. Imperfectness
116. The joy and blessing of His presence
117. His truly awesome Glory
118. His gentleness and loving kindness
119. His anger and justice
120. His mysterious ways
121. Smooth interview
122. Phone calls
123. leaves, pictures, and smiles
124. Pumpkins
125. Perfect Days

128. Painting
129. Blue Jeans
130. Handprints
131. A gift multiplied
132. Voices lifted in praise
133. Elderly voices lifted up too
134. Peace from god's care
135. Slowly forged friendships
136. A moonlit morning
136. awakened by His joy
138. Captured by His Love
139. Encouragement and sharpening
140. His delightful Touch
141. Rain!
142. The security of His love
143. A friend I can allow to see behind the masks
144. Love that casts out fear
145. The stillness
146. Lessons in relationships
147. Little bits of laughter
148. Walls taken down
149. Immanuel
150. My new job!!
151. A od who knows my name
152. Bouncing on the trampoline
153. Playing in the leaves
154. Freezing at the football game
155. Fussy Babies
156. An open door
157. Pacifiers
158. Finger kisses
159. Greedy
160. Walking in town
161. Picnics on the lawn
162. Target shooting
163. Pistols
164. Whack, whack, whack!
165. Flies in the sweet potatoes
166. Balls
167. Wagons and walks
169. A friend's growth and prayers
170. Cuddle Time
171. His promise to satisfy my desires with good things
172. Bonding time with my boss
173. Pumpkin spice and hot chocolate
174. His new job and my answered prayers
175. Research on autism being put to use
176. Missing my best friend
177. Realizing I've already fallen in love with my babies
178. Diaper changes
179. Baby swings
180. Letters and new friends
181.Small towns to walk in
182. My big boy reaching for me on the trampoline
183. Cuddles with the baby boy
184. Temptations to fight against
185. Perfect Peace
186. A new chance to trust
187. My big boy wanting to give finger kisses
188. A little chat with Brit
189. Laughing around the fire
190. God waking me up early
191. Security, knowing He knows my anxious thoughts
192. A power outage and object lessons from God
193. The big boy saying my name
194. Lovins from my big boy
195. Rearranged days
196. Time with Jenika
197. Talking with my boss in the car
198. Watching my big boy play contentedly
199. Healthy babies
200. Stares at Walmart


  1. First thought when reading through this? You totally sound like you're married with children. :P lol

  2. Haha I know it, right? It's awesome getting paid to do my dream job! =D


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