Friday, October 28, 2011

A narrative of a fall Sunday

This past Sunday it was so nice out, we decided to eat our lunch outside. So, we finished preparing our lunch after church and trekked it out to the lawn.

Our friend Jay came over for lunch. I believe at this moment he and Caleb were studying Katrina--perplexing, to be sure.

This is Mom.

And this is Dad. lol

I've been wanting to get some target practicing in before deer season(Opening day November 12th! yay!), so after lunch I pulled out some targets, the 22 and several boxes of ammo. Everyone got in on the fun--even Mom!

This is me. I like this.

No Mom, I don't always shoot in my Sunday clothes, only when I feel like it.

After awhile we headed over to our friends the Browns. My very good friends Cody and Chancy Brown turned 19 Sunday, so we were kind of celebrating that. After some more shooting, this time with hand guns, we played washer board for quite some time.

The story of my life. really. Except usually I've got a smile. or try to anyways.
Crystal. nuf said.

The gang around the table for an intense game of Spoons after supper.

Melody and Justin playing at the last, with Cody trying to get in on the action.

 And believe me, get in on the action he did. When everyone else sat down to watch a movie I snuck outside and gave some long deserved retribution. Long story. But it was really fun to give. =)


  1. What a fun and relaxing day--sounds like our kind of fun!!!

    (By the way, I am once again fully expecting a book review--of Grace for the Good Girl this time! wink)

  2. I'm planning on it Shonya! One of these days...=)

  3. Beautiful hair-do. :) (In the shooting pictures.)


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