Monday, October 8, 2012

Letters Home: The End and The Beginning

   Dear friend,  
      I fell in love with India and its people while I was there! God taught me so many things about myself and my priorities and about Himself as well. I am very excited that He has opened up doors for me to serve as a school teacher for the Gunti family! I will be teaching their three children, Sonya(15), Jason(13), and Judson(7) in their home and living with them. I won’t be going out nearly as much as I did on this last trip, but I will be able to help with the Christmas gifts to the school children, VBS, etc.  I have already received my visa, praise the Lord! India requires visitors to be out of the country a minimum of two months before reentering, so I plan to go back in the middle of November. India also does not allow visitors to remain in the country more than 6 months, so that is how long I will be staying. I am so happy to be going back! I can’t wait to see how God will work!  I currently do not have the funds for my plane ticket, but God has always been faithful to provide when I am in His will, so I trust Him for that. If you feel led to help provide for that need, I will be blessed! Most of all I continue to need your prayers!  Please pray that I would be a blessing to the Gunti’s, that I would grow in my walk with the Lord, and that the Lord would provide for my health and material needs. Thank you again for your love and prayers! They mean so much! Satan does not bother with subtlety in India as he often does here, and I feel desperately my need for Jesus!
     So this is the end of the stories of my trip to India, but it is only the beginning of the rest of the story! 

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