Thursday, May 24, 2012

***Dancing in the Rain***

This evening I walked a mile--barefoot--in the rain--down a dirt road. =]] It was at sunset, and it was one of those rains like you see in movies, with a beautiful rain falling and an amazing glow  over the rolling know, the kind you want to be kissed in. =)(You thought it too!;)
And if you had been spying, you may or may not have seen a little girl singing and dancing a joy song for Jesus. Possibly, you would've laughed, or you might have concluded she lost it, like my sister who locked me out of the house after seeing just the tail end of my little walk and declaring I was insane.

Think, "Singing in the Rain" by Gene Kelly.
Or, "God Girl", by Jamie Grace. Or the two mixed together. =)
Can I just say--
I have an amazing God. 
I tried attempting to write how much I'm amazed by how He loves me and holds me and other things that just don't quite work with words. Things that can only be explained by bubbling giggles and dancing and jubilant joy. 
So, next time it rains....
go dance.

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