Sunday, February 5, 2012

of taffy, trampolines, and other simple things!

Lots of happy moments and simple things over the past two weeks! I bought a bigger purse so that I can carry my camera with me, and I've already been very glad for it!
It seems that the pictures are becoming grainy when I put them on blogger. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

Peppermint brownies! These have a bright red layer of yummy peppermint frosting that was so scrumptious!We had a taffy pull for our youth group a our pastor's house and I offered to take these along. 

 Sawyer was carrying Chloe around when we arrived at Darrin's, and since I've been wanting to take pictures of him and the puppy, I asked him if I could. "Yes!! Take lots of pictures of me!" =)

 Somehow Morgan managed to get in on the picture taking too. =)

Elycia and I pulling taffy!

Darrin and Jay attempting to pull me and Elycia's taffy more. 

Joshua and Chancy and Kaitlin and Elycia pulling the last batch.

Morgan stirring the pulled and cut taffy in powdered sugar.

And Abby pulling on her own little piece while my sister Mel pulls in the background.

The weather was so warm and lovely this week that I enjoyed many hours outside with the boys. We spent lots of time on the trampoline! Daniel and I bounced and rolled all over the place while Dominic soaked up the sun!

These were my favorite pictures of the whole week! Like I said, it was pretty warm, and somebody was pretty quick to shed the warm clothes!
 And there goes the hat!
 "Ha ha Tanya, look what I did!" =D


  1. Hi! I just found your blog but thought I would stop and leave a comment. The taffy looks like so much fun!

    God bless you as you strive for Him!

    Frannie from


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