Friday, January 27, 2012

Such is my life...

Rambles after a week of loving on my babies...
  • This morning as I changed my big boy's diaper he was holding a formula container that had been on the changing table. You know, the kind that has dividers and a flip top so you can put your formula in ahead of time and then quickly dump it, pre-measured, into the bottle when you need it. While I was taking care to carefully wipe his diaper rashed bottom, I heard a loud howl coming from him! I looked up, started laughing, and couldn't stop! He had opened the container and dumped the formula into his mouth and was trying very hard now to get it out! He had the funniest expression on his face while he sputtered and spit and got the formula all inside his shirt. So sorry honey!
  • We had a stand off on broccoli yesterday. "You have to eat the real food before you can have a cookie!" This was after he hadn't had anything but scrambled eggs for breakfast, a few bites of kiwi at snack time, maybe one bite of broccoli at lunch, and one bite at snack time. The kid wouldn't eat it! I offered him pizza too, but he didn't want that either. Okay buddy, no cookie! When is he gonna get hungry?
  • Nap time is amazing. Especially when both boys manage to go to bed at the same time! the things you can do in an hour are amazing! Or the rest you can get!
  • I've decided that God designed infants to need feeding every two hours for their mother's(and nanny's!) sake. I haven't tested this theory after feeding one of the darlins all night, so we'll see after i do that whether I still believe my theory or not! At first I was frustrated by the interruption, but I've realized that not only is the timing about perfect for when I need a break, but it really is a good thing to be forced to sit down and just love on my baby. 
  • People ask my how my job is a lot. "Oh, you got a new job! Wow, I bet that's a lot harder than what you did before!" "Oh how nice! How do you like your job?" "Hey, how's your job going?" Well, really, sometimes my job is hard and sometimes it's easy. When my baby has gas three days in a row and the big boy's been up half the night, it's hard. And yeah, I get tired, and I have headaches, and I just want these kids to go to sleep, but I still love my job. If you're a mom, you know what I mean. Just because it's hard sometimes doesn't mean I don't love it, adore my kiddos, love their mommy, and look forward to the next couple years with them. At least after I go home and sit down for a little bit. =) Sometimes it is easy though. Like Wednesday when I managed to get the necessary cleaning jobs done before everybody got up, and then was able to just play with my babies, watch them sleep,   pop the freezer meals from my freezer cooking day in the microwave, and rest a little myself during nap time. And then it's really easy to love my job, but at the end of the day, whether it was hard or not...I feel so blessed to be where I am. 

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