Friday, February 25, 2011

Taking the Winter Minimization Challenge!

Winter Media Minimization Challenge from Loving the Lord Ministries on Vimeo.

Details for the
Winter Challenge 2011 – Media Minimization and love for Jesus Maximization:

In seeking to know and love Jesus more, a huge thing for our generation is to discipline our time spent on media – specifically the computer, internet, and TV - seeing that it can really rob valuable time that could be spent deepening our love for Jesus and truly living for Him!

It is something that needs to be mastered for God’s glory and our good!

So this challenge is for the month of March 2011 to focus on minimizing the time we invest in media and using the time instead on things that will help maximize our love for Jesus!

It is going to be AMAZING and I know the Lord is going to move in powerful ways! This is not going to be super easy – but, it is going to be GOOD for you and so worth it!

I am challenging you to do this - I am doing this with you and am really excited about it! I really believe God is going to do phenomenal things!

Here are the details:

Dates: March 1-31st, 2011
Who: Young Women ages 11-31 (ANYONE can take this challenge – these are the ones to whom we are offering the reward!)

Stay off:
Internet, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, all social media, TV, Movies, Video/Computer games, YouTube, GodTube, etc. (This includes ALL OF THESE THINGS on your computer, TV, phone, ipod, etc.) 

Computer details - You are allowed:
- Up to 15 min. a day of personal email time, 6 days a week, for a total of 1 ½ hours of EMAIL ONLY time each week.
- 5 min a day, 6 days a week for emergency internet time (i.e. getting directions, ordering), for a total of 30 min. a week.
- Sunday – Stay off the computer completely.

- Watch the “Winter Media Challenge” Video on our videocast page.
- Talk with your parents about taking this challenge. Ask for their support and prayer.
- Print off the Winter Challenge chart from the website – (Post about the Winter Challenge on your blog or Facebook and encourage your friends join you in this, too! You can provide a link to the video and information as you let them know that you will be off for the month of March.)
- Find an accountability partner to connect with by phone once a week to make sure you are both on track, to share what the Lord is doing in your hearts, and to pray together.
- Spend 15 min. (or MORE) of personal time with the Lord each day of the challenge, for a total of 1 hour and 45 min. a week for a minimum – you can spend as much time with Him as you want!
- Spend your other time on things that will help you in loving the Lord and living for and serving Him. (We will have this suggestions/recommendations posted on the blog – check them out, they will be a great help in maximizing this time for deepening your walk with the Lord!)

Send in your chart:
Once you have completed the Challenge on March 31st, send the chart to the address on the chart by April 7th and we will mail your reward to you.

- Best of all, a closer relationship with Jesus!
- An exclusive LTLM designed t-shirt

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  1. Ugh, glad I'm over 31! LOL Seriously, I saw another suggestion to literally set a timer and spend no more than one hour per day (total time--not just all at once) in writing or reading blogs, researching for homeschooling, or reading emails. That was very convicting and a tip I'm now applying. It's so easy to waste time on the computer and we are called to 'redeem the time' and be good stewards of all God's blessings. Enjoy your break and enjoy the Lord!!


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