Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Throw another log on the fire...

Sometimes I feel like the passion in my heart is burning low, the flame is dying down, and my heart's getting cold. Life gets busy, nights get long, mornings get late, and time with God gets short and hurried. Then I start to wonder why I don't feel excited about God. Several weeks ago I was feeling this, and I finally just sat down before God and asked Him to help me see why it was happening. I asked Him to make the fire in my heart burn for Him. It felt like it was just coals. He showed me that our relationship with Him  really is like a fire. You can light a fire, but to keep it going you have to feed it. You have to add more wood. I realized that the reason I felt so distant from God was because I hadn't been feeding my fire. I hadn't been throwing on the logs of concentrated prayer, Bible study, and worship. Now when I start to get distracted and I start to feel like something is lacking, I remember...I've just got to throw another log on the fire.


  1. Tanya, has anybody ever told you that you should be a motivation writer?
    I know that our magazine is open to columnists.....

  2. Hi Tanya :)
    I lost your email and your number! Could you email me please?


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